5 Blinds Trends you need to know for Summer

Five Blinds Trends you need to know for Summer 2023

Blinds are a popular type of window covering and are generally much more effective and practical than curtains. But they are constantly developing so you need to be aware of the latest trends if you want to take full advantage of the possibilities they bring. So here are some of the trends in blinds in Melbourne that will help you to choose.

1. Cordless

Many blinds are traditionally operated by cords that are used to open and close slats or to raise and lower the blinds. These can sometimes appear unsightly and can also be dangerous for small children. In some cases, the cords are replaced by a hanging rod or, better still, the blinds are operated by pulling down or pushing up the top or bottom rail so the blinds can be positioned wherever needed.

A more modern alternative is smart blinds that are programmable and operated by a smartphone app or a remote device. You can set your blinds to open and close at certain times or to react to sunlight, so a room stays cool in summer but benefits from the warmth of the sun in winter.

2. Thermal

These blinds tend to have a honeycomb design so that heat is trapped in air pockets. This prevents much of the hot air from entering a room in summer and stops it from escaping outside in winter. As a result, energy bills are lower due to less need for air conditioning and heating.

An alternative is day/night cellular blinds that have two layers of fabric, one with cells for insulation and the other being sheer fabric. This means you can opt for insulation or only for privacy as required.

3. Versatile

Most types of blinds give a degree of versatility because you can open them as much or as little as you want for just the required amount of light and privacy. However, the trend is for blinds that are even more versatile, including:

  • Zebra blinds that have alternating stripes of solid and sheer fabric so you can set them for complete darkness and privacy or a selected degree of natural light.
  • Double roller blinds where you can use sheer blinds to provide ambient light and privacy or block-out blinds that prevent the sun from fading your furniture.

4. Colourful

Whatever type of blind you choose and whatever type of material, the blinds are available in a wide range of colours and patterns. You can choose blinds to suit your personality, whether bright colours if you’re an extrovert or subdued shades if you’re more conservative. The trend, however, is to be creative with a variety of colours and patterns that can match any décor.

5. Eco Friendly

The trend that’s affecting many areas of life is a concern for the environment and that’s evident in the types of blinds that are now available. Eco-friendly homes are becoming more popular, and part of that trend is the use of energy-efficient and sustainable materials such as jute, bamboo and wool. These also have insulating properties and are free of harmful chemicals as well as being sourced in a responsible manner.

There is a huge range of blinds available of varying types and with different characteristics and properties. You can therefore choose the ones that are most suitable for you, whether that means following the latest trends or using your personal preferences. Additionally, if you’re looking for other home improvement products in Melbourne, such as roller shutters Melbourne or security doors Melbourne, consider reaching out to reputable suppliers like Uniblinds who can offer you a different range of products to choose from. With the right products in place, you can enhance the security, aesthetics, and functionality of your home with ease.

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