5 Ways to Increase the Lifespan of your Roller Shutters in Melbourne

Five Ways to Increase the Lifespan of your Roller Shutters in Melbourne

Quality roller shutters are built to be sturdy and durable so they should last for a very long time. However, with a little care and attention, you can extend their useful life even further and so save yourself money in the long term. This is something you can easily do yourself and it costs very little and doesn’t take much time.

1. Keep Clean

Depending on the local conditions, roller shutters in Melbourne can become dirty, and this can impede their efficient operation as well as detract from their appearance. Clean your shutters every four to six months or more frequently if the local environment demands it and there’s obvious dirt. Remove with a soft brush any loose dirt from the surface and any that’s lodged in cracks then wipe over with a damp cloth. Never use harsh chemicals that can harm the surface and avoid getting too much water on electric shutters.

2. Lubricate Sparingly

Most roller shutters require regular lubrication of the moving parts to reduce friction and prevent jamming although modern shutters generally don’t require much grease for efficient operation. Too much grease will attract dirt that can prevent smooth movement so only lubricate as much as is indicated on the supplied instructions.

3. Operate Regularly

Prolonged inactivity can cause rollers to stick so you should operate them at least once a week if normally kept open or at two weekly intervals if they’re usually kept closed. It’s generally sufficient to cycle the shutters twice at the prescribed times, which will help to keep parts flexible and ensure they operate correctly.

4. Check for Faults and Obstructions

Always try to keep the roller shutter clear of anything likely to stop it from operating correctly. If, for example, there are bushes or other plants growing close by, either remove them completely or keep them trimmed back so they don’t get in the way of the shutter and prevent its smooth operation.

Check frequently that the shutter goes up and down smoothly and is in alignment. Check that both sides are properly vertical and there are no uneven gaps when the shutter is fully or partially closed. If it is not properly aligned, remove any obstructions, and carefully try to pull or push the shutter to one side to level it. If you’re unsuccessful, call a professional to correct the fault rather than making the problem worse.

5. Never Use Force

Although good quality roller shutters will be very strong and durable, you should always operate them carefully. If the shutter appears to be jammed, either open or closed, never try to move it forcibly since this can cause serious damage to the components. If there’s no obstruction to be cleared and the problem isn’t obvious, call in a professional since this will avoid further trouble.

By following these simple principles, you can extend the life of your roller shutter at virtually no cost to you. Regular maintenance by a professional will also help to keep the shutter in perfect condition. If you’re looking for other home improvement products in Melbourne, including security doors Melbourne and blinds Melbounre, it is crucial to explore reputable suppliers like Uniblinds who provide a diverse range of options. Choosing the right products can not only enhance the appearance of your home but also improve its security and functionality. Therefore, make sure to invest in high-quality home improvement products to achieve the best possible outcomes

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