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ClearShield Perforated Stainless Steel Range


Modern, strong, stylish with clean lines and a clear appearrance, that is the way we describe our ClearShield Stainless Steel Doors.

The ClearShield stainless steel security system was developed in Western Australia in 1999 to address the need for a stronger, more durable and aesthetically pleasing alternative to the aluminium grilles and woven wire security products available.

ClearShield products are made from a single sheet of flat stainless steel locked into an aluminium frame without the need for rivets or screws. A matrix of holes are stamped through the sheet giving an amazing degree of visual clarity without sacrificing the strength of steel.

Clearshield Security doors and screens comply with AS 5039 – 2003 (Product Standard) and have been tested and passed to the following tests as part of AS 5041 – 2003 (Method of Test Standard)


The effects of human impact against a security screen door or security screen in an attempted break-in are simulated in this test by allowing a 47kg impact ball, swing as a pendulum against the screen whilst the screen is held in a test frame vertically. To pass this test,the sample is required to resist 5 impacts in the same position without separation of the screen material from the frame.

Clearshield has passed this test.


The effects of a pull attack against a security screen door or security screen are simulated by allowing a direct force to be applied to the test specimen via a cable. The forces are applied at different angles and different levels depending upon the force location.

Clearshield has passed this test.


The effects of a physical cutting attack against the screen material are simulated by allowing a standardized shearing tool to pass over the screen material 3 times over the same line of pass under a constant force.

Clearshield has passed this test with no penetration recorded.


The effects of a jemmy attack against a security screen door or security screen are simulated by allowing a standardised narrow-bladed lever to be inserted against the locking, fastening and hinging points and a turning force is applied to those points via the lever.

Clearshield has passed this test.

All of the above tests were conducted by Authorised testing facilities in Australia to the above stated standards.

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We offer a large selection of security doors and screens including aluminium, steel and the new Clearshield stainless steel range which offers optimum security without the clutter of traditional doors.