Our ClearShield door is the only perforated stainless steel security door system in Australia.

Security doors often act as air filters to your home, so keeping them clean and free from dirt and dust is crucial for clean air circulation. Unlike our competitors woven mesh, Clearshield doors offer a Patented smooth perforated stainless-steel mesh that is easy to clean and maintain, simply wipe as you would any flat surface.

The perforated mesh also sits much firmer in its heavy-duty frame as it does not have the wobbly characteristics of the woven mesh our competitors use.

Clearshield has been extensively tested beyond the Australian Standards for Security doors and Screens and has achieved outstanding results each time, making Clearshield one of the leading providers for home security doors in Australia.

In addition to our range of home security doors, Clearshield is also available in window security screens, perfect for securing your entire home.

That is why our Patented Clearshield doors & screens have won a range of awards.

2013 Good Design Award Cyclone Debris screen

2014 Good Design Selection Award security door

2015 ABA100 Winner Australian Business Award for Product Innovation

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