How to use Plantation Shutters in Melbourne to get more benefits?

Many people know more or less about the benefits of plantation shutters, but the question is if they know how to use it to get more benefits. Now the point is how to get proper installation so that one can get maximum benefits from it. It is true that plantation shutters have many benefits, but you have to treat it in the right way to get the maximum amount and to make your investment correct. At first, you need to have a clear idea about the plantation shutters when you decide to buy Plantation Shutters in Melbourne region. Because you only can expect more benefits if you know every detail about the product, otherwise it might happen you have invested too much amount and receiving nothing, which is frustrating. Therefore it is an essential part to know the plantation shutters more clearly only then you can buy the right one and can invest in the right place.

Plantation shutters: what are they?

Though it is five words’ simple question, people always confused it with traditional shutters and then ending up with buying the wrong one that means wrong investment. Plantation shutters generally come with wider slats that are more than a colonial shutter and typically with ranger between 3 inches to 5 inches with 3.5 inch in common sizes. Plantation Shutters in Melbourne region sometimes called plantation blinds, which one of the most popular shutters or blind type available across the country. People are choosing it due to its beautiful look because the larger louvres of plantation shutters create an elegant look in your place where you will install it. Therefore most people prefer it in their living space or bedroom space sometimes both. It has the ability as well as versatility to transform your casual room into the standard one. According to recent statics, it has been found that most people are choosing white colors Plantation Shutters in Melbourne region due to its stunning look. There is three type of material available in plantation shutters, vinyl, composite and wood, and every material has own demand among homeowners as per their requirements. We will discuss it later, but before that, we will take a look at the difference between traditional shutters and plantation shutters.

Difference between traditional shutters and plantation shutters:

Traditional shutters are considered as old school student that ahs old style. It has lovers size typically 1.25 inch along with the 0.75-inch thick frame. It is suitable for windows that are small in size. In some region, it is still using as kitchen windows protection element. You can use it only if you have small windows in your place.

You can use Plantation Shutters in Melbourne region if you have a wide window. In the modern home, you will find wide windows, and plantation shutters are the desired option for those windows. It has movable louvres and has wider slats that will fit perfectly in your windows. The wider louvers are allowing people to view the outside through windows without visible by the outsider. And will get privacy during night time by closing it.

Plantation Shutters in Melbourne
          Plantation Shutters in Melbourne

Types of Plantation Shutters in Melbourne region:

There are three types of plantation shutters are available in the market depending on the type of materials. Those are vinyl, composite and wood. Here are the in details discussion about those three.

Vinyl plantation shutters:

Vinyl is the option that is less expensive, and it is everyone’s cup of tea. It consists of PVC and aluminium that is offering high stability at low cost. It is a one-time investment and will give you long term benefits. Vinyl shutters come in three types that are hollow vinyl, structured hollow vinyl, and solid vinyl. In this Plantation Shutters in Melbourne region, you will get an individual shutters type that is called vinyl-clad wood. It is nothing but a shutter that has a hardwood wrapped frame along with the vinyl material.

Composite plantation shutters:

Composite plantation shutters have several names such as engineered wood, faux wood or fake wood. It is made up of engineered wood that has MDF wrapped along with vinyl as well as vinyl coating. Due to this material composition, this type of plantation shutters is sturdy. It has weather as well as humidity resistant. It is the Plantation Shutters in Melbourne region that is considered as the affordable alternative of timber shutters.

Timber plantation shutters:

If you are the one who likes to justify their property in terms of classy look and feel, then timber plantation shutters are your option. Here you will get the natural beauty of wood and has great strength to weight ratio that makes it light in one hand and strong in other. Since wood can be paint and stained easily so you will get an innovative design that you probably haven’t experienced earlier. It is the Plantation Shutters in Melbourne region that will add more style and value in your home and that too for years of come.

Why install plantation shutters and blinds Melbourne?

Now you have to understand why you should install plantation shutters in your home rather than curtains and sheds. Here are the reasons that give you a clear answer to this question.


Plantation shutters work as a ventilator because it allows fresh air and light to come in the room inside. By adjusting it, you will get your required light and can ensure maximum privacy. In another note, shutters are an ideal option because they create no noise during their operation. It is easy to adjust; you only need to grasp the crossbar and then have to adjust the shutters. You can use it as Outdoor blinds in Melbourne region if you wish.


As we have said that it is a one-time investment, you only need to invest one time and then it will give you lifelong service. Due to the material composition Plantation Shutters in Melbourne region has ultra durability. It is the option that you need to replace it every year or to repair it. And the most wonderful fact of these shutters is it is less expensive, so your one-time investment is not expensive.

Energy savings:

Since plantation shutters are known as an insulator, so it is the perfect choice for deflecting the powerful sun lights. It will also give you the skylight like a facility that can open and close according to your needs. It will also prevent the harsh sun rays to heat your place. In winter you can open Plantation Shutters in Melbourne region and get the maximum level of insulation. There are also huge numbers of benefits you will get. You only need to buy it from a source that will ensure you the quality product.

Which source can provide the best plantation shutters?

Well, if you have already decided to buy Plantation Shutters in Melbourne region, we would like to say to contact Uni Blinds today. From our side, you only expect quality shutters at your budget. Contact us today.

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