With ever increasing use of french doors and bi fold doors in both traditional and modern homes, screening against insects can be difficult. At Uniblinds & Security Doors we offer our innovative range of Uni-Screen retractable screens designed specifically for these and other special applications. We supply and install made to measure retractable screens for windows and doors in single and double cassettes which can cover spans of upto 4.8 meters. Unlike other systems on the market, our Uni-Screen retractable screens are available in 3 configurations; standard, braked and the exclusive “Smooth System”.

So for all your screening needs call us at Uniblinds & Security Doors.

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Features and Benefits of our Retractable Screen Doors in Australia

Many people are put off installing retractable screen doors due to misconceptions about them that are quite common. However, the truth is that retractable screening has plenty of features and benefits that make them essential for most properties:

  • Security. Added security is the main purpose of these screens and they provide that by creating an additional barrier that would-be thieves have to get through. This acts as a visible deterrent to most thieves who generally focus on properties that are easier to access.
  • Pest protection. These security screens also act as retractable fly screen doors in Melbourne and so will prevent insects from entering your property. Flying insects can be a particular problem in summer so a retractable fly screen in Melbourne is essential.
  • Cost. Our security screens are much less costly than many people think. They are, in fact, an investment you shouldn’t avoid because the added protection can save you from losses and may reduce insurance premiums as a result. The protection they provide will also add to the value of your home.
  • Maintenance. Like anything, screen doors require maintenance, but this is relatively simple and infrequent. Keeping a door retracted when not in use will keep it clean and a periodic wash with soapy water will remove dirt and dust. You can also oil the tracks at intervals to ensure the door opens and closes easily.
  • Lightweight. Our screens are made from lightweight yet strong materials, so they glide smoothly on tracks and are easy to open and close. They’re much lighter than conventional doors and are convenient in use.
  • Style. We have various colours and styles available so you’re sure to find one that will fit in with your home’s décor. By doing so, it will enhance the aesthetics of your property rather than detracting from them.
  • Installation. Fitting the new screen will not cause damage to your property that will result in increased draughts and water penetration. On the contrary, they can allow cooling air flow in summer by having the screen closed but the main door open.

Problems Solved with Our Retractable Security Screen Doors

If you have any concerns about security or are troubled by pests entering your property, fitting a security screen will resolve both issues. Each one is custom-made so it will fit your existing door perfectly.

For peace of mind and improved comfort, a security screen door is the obvious choice. Also, given that ours are screens & doors in Sunbury are of the highest quality and very effective, you won’t regret buying from us.

Retractable Screens in Melbourne that are Attractive as well as Secure

We all want to keep ourselves, our family and our property as safe and secure as possible. But we don’t really want to do that by turning our home into something that resembles a fortress and which looks ugly and uninviting as a result.

The good news is that our retractable security screen doors are attractive as well as secure. So you can install one in the knowledge that it will deter unwanted intruders but will be welcoming for everyone else.

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