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Blinds Epping

Epping is one of the largest centres on the outskirts of Melbourne, seeing continued population growth thanks to its wonderful facilities and natural beauty. Established residents and young families just starting out should both consider installing awnings, security doors, roller shutters or blinds to their Epping home to boost their quality of life as well as the property’s value.

From the vast range of products we offer in Epping, blinds are some of the most popular. With a range of stylish designs available such as vertical, Venetians or honeycomb. No matter what your aesthetic is, Uniblinds can help you find the right blinds to create a comfortable and appealing home environment for you and your family.

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Roller Shutters, Security Doors & Blinds In Epping

Uniblinds is the right company to trust if you are looking for quality blinds and shutters or even if you are in need of a strong and beautiful security door.

We make a wide variety of door and window furnishings and can get these window and door solutions installed professionally at your home or business anywhere in this and other Melbourne suburbs.

We Supply Security Products In Epping

With over 45 combined years of industry experience, you can certainly count on quality products and services when you choose Uniblinds.  We are also registered members of the BMAA and NSSA and source all of our products and materials from highly reputable firms.  All of our products are Australian made and are designed to meet associate standards in terms of quality and security. 

Buy Roller Shutters & Blinds 

We offer a huge variety of roller shutters and blinds in Epping, and our products are also available in different designs, finishes, material types and colours.  With Uniblinds, you are bound to find the perfect home and business window solution, whether you are investing for the sake of functionality or style. Here is just a quick look at our variety of blind and shutter types available for viewing at our showrooms;

Interior blinds – Our interior blinds are beautiful and offer lots of great benefits and functionality.  These blinds protect interior areas and furniture from harsh sun rays, insulate the building in order to reduce energy bills and allow residents and employees to adjust the amount of sunlight inside the building with great ease.  These blinds are also superb selections for anyone looking to enhance privacy in bedrooms or in offices. 

Exterior blinds and shutters – Exterior blinds and shutters are extremely helpful for improving security.  These blinds or shutters can be raised, lowered and the slats of shuttered blinds can be altered to adjust privacy or to allow more or less natural light to enter the building.  Exterior blinds also offer added protection from natural elements such as wind and rain to your doors and windows.

Recess blinds – Inside frame blinds are fitted to suit the size of your window frame and offer a snug fit inside the frame for a very rounded and finished off look. 

Blind and shutter installation services – At Uniblinds, we have a team of highly skilled and fully trained professionals available that can help you with any and all of our blind installations.  Our teams will ensure that your blinds are installed professionally so they can look great and remain functional for a very long time to come.

Get Your Security Doors In Epping Today 

Security doors in Epping are a basic must-have for any building or home.  These doors don’t just enhance building safety; they also enhance functionality because you can keep your security door locked in place while opening the interior door so natural light and fresh air can enter your building.

At Uniblinds, we also make and install a variety of fine quality security doors. 

Uniblinds provides quality doors, screens & window furnishings across western Melbourne. We work in Epping, Craigieburn & other suburbs. Browse our website further or contact us to learn more.

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Comfort, privacy and security

Awnings Epping

Does the exterior of your home need a finishing touch to really make it stand out? Awnings could be the ideal solution, providing a unique feature-point around your doors and windows. When you install awnings at your Epping home, you can also enjoy added privacy and some sun protection, creating a more enjoyable interior environment.

Roller Shutters Epping

In addition to awnings and blinds, Uniblinds also supply secure roller shutters in Epping and nearby areas. Roller shutters allow you to block out noise, harsh sunlight and prying eyes thanks to its easily-adjustable mechanisms. If you live on a busy street, have noisy neighbours or just don’t want sunlight fading your furniture, consider installing roller shutters at your Epping home.

Security Doors Epping

Unfortunately, many homes are susceptible to burglaries, break-ins and forced entry. To protect your home in Epping, install security doors from Uniblinds. Our range includes Aluminium Range, Heritage Range, Colonial Range, Steel Grill Range and the new Clearshield Perforated Stainless Steel Range, all of which are designed to withstand a challenge.

Gain peace of mind by installing security doors at your Epping home, or boost the value of your property with our awnings, blinds and roller shutters.


Uniblinds & Security Doors offers you the ultimate level of security, comfort and style for your home.

Security Doors
Our extensive range of security & screen doors / and the Innovative Clearshield Stainless Steel doors are available in aluminium, steel and the new Clearshield stainless steel doors.

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Modern or traditional, all homes require window furnishings. Uniblind & Security Doors have a great range of blinds sure to suit any decor and budget.

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Summer or winter external blinds play a big part in maintaining comfort inside as well as adding value and improving the look of your home on the outside.

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With ever increasing use of french doors and bi fold doors in both traditional and modern homes, screening against insects can be difficult.

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